I risked my life for you: The Fear of Falling

In the 5th Travelogue I have presented the sim Two Fish and the Susa Bubble Story. Susa is a child-woman to the extreme; she looks like a baby and cries constantly. She has a good reason for that: she is exchangeable from every angle. Rose has created another chapter of Susa story: "The Fear of Falling". Please set the viewer to midnight. Actually, at the entrance should be handed out safety helmets, because everywhere something falls, especially the baby picture with the many interchangeable women. A short poem on a piece of paper reveals what it all is about:
This installation is not just beautiful built; there are a lot of hidden details, TP's and animations to discover. We note here that Susa Bubble starts to become mature. For me, this is the best work so far from Susa series. And you will definitely have fun here!

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Rose said...

Thank you for the great blog.
Even when you fall down you will be caught