I was very glad that I made it to have a look at the "Art and Poetry Project" which is now in its 2. week and guest at Moya Land.This outstanding and amazing performance touched my heart:
3 avatars dance and melt to one, together with beautiful sounds (music by Morton Feldman) and quotes in the chat. The work is performed by Jo Ellsmere, Pyewacket Kazyanenko and Montoyakai Steamer The wonderful animations are done by Jo Ellsmere and can be presented with friends or bots, as she told me.The tools for animation control, synchronization, and avatar placement has been provided by Bryndon Burton. The scene lasts a few minutes and will be constantly repeated the whole weekend. Please do not miss this poetic and beautiful work!


Pyewacket commented that I missed the notecard with the correct windlight settings "[EUPHORIA] monochrome" or at least sun position on midnight. Thank you Pye. Therefore I add a photo:

The work is part of 5 entrances based on the poem 'A Maschera (The Mask) by Carmen Auletta. Here is the English translation:

The other works, 2 builts and 2 machinima are to be seen here: sadly gone

P.S.. Here is a beautiful machinima: http://vimeo.com/31121156


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Pyewacket said...

the performance looks better using the suggested environment settings in the notecard..that or midnight.