Halloween Horror Series Part 7: The perfect Halloween Quest. HELP!

A group of designers have built a really fantastic quest for Halloween : "The Flesh Game" Sign in at the reception desk and wear the HUD. You are player number 7. On the following way you will notice that the previous players come to death and that with your help! You can expect an adventure in a quality as I have not yet seen in SL with many good ideas and nice, scaring builds. But....it is not fast and easy. For hours I stuck here already. It requires all your patience, deduction, skills and fun of collecting. 5 players already passed away! Who's next? Is it my turn? HELP!
Come as soon as possible, maybe you get me and can help. And when I get back home alive, I will need at least one day to unpack all the gifts that I've collected here! HELP!!

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