And Again a Great Event: Das Festival der Liebe (The Festival of Love)

With over 50 creative actors, the “Festival der Liebe” is an event of superlatives. At 3 days in 14 venues are constantly author readings, theatre and cabaret performances, exhibitions and live concerts. Today at 9.30 AM SLT hours it starts with a concert in Kruemelkram. The organizers have done a really great job. All readings and theatre performances will be held in German. For further information check the blog of Kueperpunk Korhonen: http://kueperpunk.blogspot.com/   
Here is the link to the entire schedule: http://www.sublevel12.de/FdLSchedule.htm

Of course, I had a first glance at the great exhibits and made ​​a few pictures for you. Many well known artists take part. To name just a few: Bryn Oh, Artsitide Despres, Ub Yifu, Glyph Graves, Lookatmy Back, Fuschia Nightfire and the art Group Aeonia with Ally Aeon, Harter Fall, Solkide Auer, Moeuhane Sandalwood and others.  
Fuschia Nightfire
Kueperpunk Korhonen - Ub Yifu
Bryn Oh - This work is partly in mesh

LM to Kruemelkram: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ataria/61/152/23

In Chapter Kronfeld’s gallery was still being built, but it looked already exciting.  
ChapTer Kronfeld
Moewe Winkler

Aeonia has created a great stage for performances in a circle of interesting exhibitions with a cozy place to relax in the center.
Aeonia Stage
Aeonia Art Group
Aeonia - Harter Fall

Just one last tip: Before you visit the festival go to the bathroom. On the whole event I found only one toilet - in Kruemelkram. And that is already disgusting!

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ChapTer Kronfeld said...

Quan, I will build in the near future, in my galleRyART, a toilet for the public and especially for you, reserved