Travelogue No. 13

The profile picks are there to refer your favorite places to others. But unfortunately the bad habit has increased that all 10 picks are used to present friends and relatives. Do you carry RL a sign with a list of those who are playing a role in your life? Honestly, your friends know it anyway and others are not interested at all!

I rather prefer the profile missionaries. You know those who feed you with uplifting sayings and their personal wisdom before you know them. I am always grateful, because I can flee such eggheads before they catch me ;)

So far, my motto was always to make a bow to all those who do not know what belong in the picks. No one has any against one or two picks are dedicated to specific contents or people. But lately I have the impression that this bad habit even spreads.

Therefore, my big please: Let us share the favorite places with your favorite activities and where you relax. That makes yourself as well as SL a hundred times more interesting for others!

Now you all may feel free to hate me!  :)

PS: A request to the creative people: It helps no one if you still have your great exhibition or shop of the year 1898 in the picks. Make sure that your current works can be found!

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