The world of Pol Jarvinen

Some great artists are rarely to find in Second Life. I am therefore pleased that Pol Jarvinen has shown me some of his works.
"Wormholes" consists of an array of tubes that are constantly changing their colors. Go back and forth and watch the play of colors. Together with the ambient sounds it is a great experience

  A part of his phase of boxes is the next work, where we floated an in the beauty of colors. The work is placed within a magnificent collection with some of my favorite artists.

In the next station we hear again Ambient. I felt myself in a sea of ​​laser beams. The most amazing is that this large installation consists of only 5 prims. This is the art of smart building!

The next work is complete different. It shows how great Pol plays with shapes and textures. Please walk around, a part of the exhibition is interactive. I asked him:

Quan Lavender: what is the meaning of it?
Pol Jarvinen: the meaning i dont know
Quan Lavender: hehe ok
Quan Lavender: me either but I like it
Pol Jarvinen: something from my subconcious
Pol Jarvinen: thats what war makes me think

One work of Pol Jarvinen is now displayed in the huge Gallery 33. At the end I lay down and enjoy the play of colors.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rockcliffe%20Conservatory/179/14/22

P.S.: By the way, in the Gallery 33 is still a beautiful interactive ice sculpture of Feathers Boa available as freebie.


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