Down and uuup: The Fall

Last night opened a new work by Betty Tureaud. Take the TP up at the landing point. Quite unusual for her you land on a gray floor. In the center is a springboard from where one falls into the depths. Woooooooooow, what an experience!

If you end up in the colorful hall, click on the circle in the middle and sit on the cone. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

But from here you can get even further trough a tunnel. If you sit then on the chair you understand the meaning of the work. It is about our unsafe finance system and the protests on Wall Street. Once again, Betty has packed a serious theme damn smart. Brilliant!
As always at Betty's openings Ultraviolet Alter enchanted the large audience with great electronic music. Once again I wished that these concerts would be recorded.
But there was more entertainment this evening. SaveMe Oh took the chance to invent a new form of self-describing art. Poor SaveMe is not very popular with gallery owners, because they have concerns that no one would visit the exhibition. In her despair she uses the opening of popular artists to show her works. The administration understood the message of SaveMe’s work and took an effective step against pollution, which granted the grateful audience again a nice view on the life act. Here is the documentation in SaveMe’s blog. The opening fulfilled all one can possibly want: great art, beautiful music, nice people and a scandal. Thank you guys for another perfect evening in Second Life!

Don’t miss the “The Fall”, it is simply breathtaking!



Anonymous said...

First it is not POOR SaveME, second I am not in DESPAIR and third I don't use OPENING OF POPULAR ARTIST to show my work.
I only appeared wit a sign to bring my message that the work of Betty Omo starts to look more and more like virtual pollution. But don't worry, it's just an opinion.

Cole Marie said...

(Claps hand over mouth)