Beautiful Buildings: Nessuno Myoo

Fine structures, noble buildings and restrained colors characterize the work of Nessuno Myoo. The Art India Gallery presents two istallations. "Hope Beyond the Door" shows a handicapped person in a wheelchair. Despite his disability yet seems to have many ways to choose.
"Life Again" is about the Holocaust. In the center of the installation is a woman abused as a breeding machine. She stares at one of her "children" which looks unlike the others. In his commentary nessuno says that diversity makes up the richness of life. So true! Only one thing I disliked here. The really beautiful pictures at the walls are killing a bit the delicate colours of the work. They would have been better placed in another room.

And the Shekawati-Sim is worthy to look around. It shows Indian art and culture. Here a photo of the Temple:

sadly gone

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