SORRY! I'm responsible for the mess: Museum of Hyperformalism at LEA 1

On this Saturday 2 more LEA Sims will open and yesterday evening I was able to visit "The 2011 Survey of Hyperformalism". Here we end up in a museum, which has built high up above the roof.
I flew up and could jump down quite easily. In the museum there is also a TP to partially gigantic installations in the sky. We find works by Josina Burgess, Oberon Onmura, RazorZ, Sabine Stonebender, Selavy Oh, Suzanne Graves and Velazquez Bonetto. I especially liked the works of Oberon, which are always clearly and graphically designed and have special scripts. In the skybox are two towers building up, which merge and then fly apart; it is also interactive. When you come into the vicinity of the installation it behaves differently, depending on your location. Brilliant!
But in the skybox of Suzanne Graves the trouble started. The installation was such a beautiful pink I got lost and frustrated, until I accidentally hit the yellow arrow and the work became green. In a panic I clicked again, and it became blue!
I went down rather quickly. But there was more frustration as I accidently stepped on the glass plates, they exploded! Running away I came across the beautiful pearl string and it fell apart. I feel so ashamed!
I better stay away when it opens today at 1pm. But I wish you much fun with the works (that I have left intact).


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