So Many Things are Possible: INTERACTIVE on LEA4

I feel very honoured to be the only blogger getting early access to the INTERACTIVE show on LEA4. Great artist been assembled, curated by L1Aura Loire: Glyph Graves, Maya Paris, Misprint Thursday, Lorin Tone, Eupalinos Ugajin, PinkPink Sorbet und Selavy Oh. Interactivity is a complex theme and you should spend some time to fully understand the installations. They are not just nice.

Can you imagine that you can send an email to an object in SL, which makes the text readable inworld? Check out the installation of Misprint Thursday. You get a HUD and a note card to interact.
 Maya Paris’ work cannot not be missed here. Almost everything is clickable and offers enormous fun. I met Maya here and asked:

  Quan Lavender: do you liked comics as child?
  Maya Paris: i did:)
  Quan Lavender: one can see^^
  Maya Paris: this is a kind of exploded comic
There is a sound garden, where you can make your own mix of sounds and there is a very dangerous corner, which should be avoided:
The work of PinkPink Sorbet is very beautiful. The patterns change faster by moving of avatars. Sit on the button in the center to enjoy. I could not find a TP up to the skybox. Here is the LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA4/234/150/502
I had a great conversation with the fish. Try for yourself:
In front of the fish is the Taxi tour to all installations. Sit on the LEFT poseball of the winged rubber hoop:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA4/21/9/21

Glyph Graves has created many great, beautiful and interactive sculptures. He said:

Glyph Graves: but it does a few things the sculptures change depending on the combined rotation of all the people in range
Glyph Graves: the notes are determined by the rotation of the avatar
Glyph Graves: the colour depends on your system language
Glyph Graves: so its a pixel painting of the languages of the people who walk through it
Quan Lavender: hmm, what is the pixel painting of the languages?
Glyph Graves: ahhh, the close ones respond to your system language
Glyph Graves: the melody produced depends on the rotation of the avatar
Glyph Graves: Maya, go touch the morphing sculpture
Maya Paris: ooh this is great, it makes me want to run through it......and i NEVER run
Glyph Graves: the mushroom shaped one
Maya Paris: yessir
Maya Paris: :)
Glyph Graves: *smiles .. it's not totally safe
Quan Lavender: not safe?
Maya Paris shouts: help!!
Quan Lavender: hehe
Glyph Graves: you get more interesting sculpture shapes if you're not vertical
Maya Paris: excellent:)
Glyph Graves: well the mushroom things morph when you get close and then skewer you if you touch them

That promises a great time, when the visitors come from all over the world today.
Unfortunately, there is also a sad message. AM Radio will not be in the show because of inventory problems. But he might contribute later. The sim will continue to change anyway. L1Aura Loire said:There are some interactive ideas I plan on rolling out later in the time of the exhibition, maybe in a month or two. So people need to check the LEA blog.” Here is the link: http://lindenarts.blogspot.com/

INTERACTIVE opens today at 2 PM SLT with an Interactive Performance @SENSES PLACES mixed reality dance-technology environment. Get more information at the LEA blog.

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