THIS WORK IS IN MESH. Please make sure to use a mesh enabled viewer.
With only 2 prim mesh (counted differently from LL) Artée built an entire city. The alpha bug has a great effect here. I lost the orientation and felt alone by walking through it. In the center, we hear a demonstration and see one person (a copy of Artée’s avatar) with a white board. Yesterday, when I was there to take pictures, I met her by chance there and asked her:
Quan Lavender: Just one question: Is that work meant to be a tribute to the wall street movement?
Artée (artistide despres): yes, I want the people to ask themselves a few questions
Artée: why is the protest board white
Artée: why is she alone
Artée: why is the mob really present
Artée: the text, which i borrowed from OWS is interesting itself
Artée: the city and its symbol
Quan Lavender: you mean here on the ground?
Artée: yes
Quan Lavender: yes, it is
Quan Lavender: although they stay as fragments
Artée: you can download the original (huge file)
Quan Lavender: do you have a link?
Artée: I give the address at the corner of the sim
Quan Lavender: oh ok
Artée: I look for you
Quan Lavender: I have overseen that so far
Artée: http://www.nycga.net/files/2011/11/DeclarationFlowchart_v2_large.jpg
Quan Lavender: I was so flashed by the walk through when you showed me first
Quan Lavender: oh that Chart looks impressive
Quan Lavender: that’s the mean thing with your and Eupalino’s work, you urge one to think ;)
Artée: there is a sentence by Lucien Hervé (photographer and friend of Le Corbusier) I like particularly: 'Il vaut mieux suggerer que documenter"
Artée: you can better suggest that document(ate) to figure a continuing
As  written in my previous post, I highly recommend to visit this place.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beleza/66/187/21


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