Sneak Preview: Simotron's Nightmare

Ninel Hax and Carlo Seymour reopen their gallery with an installation of Simotron Aquila. It has the title "Mon Plus Beau Cauchemar", my most beautiful nightmare. We see two large rooms and in between flying boxes. In one room the wall is not yet ready painted. Ah ... moving house

On the stairs are a many little rooms to see. By click the camera automatically zooms close to them (only worked with Firestorm). They show the things that you take into the hand and ask yourself whether they still have value and meaning for your life after the moving. Between the 2 rooms is sitting a house exhausted on a bench. Everyone knows these moments of exhaustion and emptiness while moving. In this respect moving house is indeed horrible: the work, the clearing But at the same time it is a cleaning process and a new beginning. The clean style of Simotron fits therefore especially good with the theme.

Sadly gone!



Simotron Aquila said...

Oh, thank you very much Quan, for your visit and your kindness! :))

Simotron Aquila said...

last minute update: "Mon plus beau cauchemar" will be shown at the WALL for two more days (until December 17, 2011) ty again :)