Huge Labyrinth: Second Libations

Haveit Neox is obviously a passionate, not to say posessed Builder. He built a huge maze, which only can be fully enjoyed by walking through. So I just teaze you with photos and really hope that you will not miss it! The story is about our earth which happens to be completely dehydrated. Bots try to rescue the world with virtual water.
From the landing point which is a desert you have to walk through a computer screen and then a long and beautiful way down the Colossous to the virtual world. By click you get from vendors on the way clothes for your adventure and a folder with helpful maps of the places.
In the large Temple are 3 doors and you have to choose:

Banquet of the Artists
The Librarynth (cool word!)
Scripters’ Web Tower
Can you imagine that all this is at one place? It is incredible! As I have written in my post about immerson: You dive into a new world and become part of it.

Taxi: sadly gone


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