Rage + Insane

"Let me preamble by saying, YES this is a controversial piece, and NO I will make no apologies. This is an editorial piece and by no means does it apply to all ..."
The Sculpter vomits...
This is the beginning of the note cards which are belonging to the 4 new sculptures of Chuckmatrix Clip, displayed in Monroe Snook’s gallery. They provoke to think about quality of art in Second Life.  There is praised in SL too much and very little honest and constructive criticism. Chuck and I agreed that every artist needs criticism for its own growth. His 4 sculptures and note cards are as mean as funny. I laughed tears! And I found particularly funny, that on the screen of the fractal artist is displayed a work done by Chuck himself. And that hangs in my house! So please Chuck, add a sculpture of clueless art admirers!
The Fractal Artist (taken by Eupalinos Ugajin, who sits on it wearing his cool table avatar)
Of course, I have asked him how many committed suicides have been happened in front of these sculptures. Chuck said there wasn't any so far, but an artist has announced to abandon photography, sculpting AND fractal art immediately ;)

Together with Monroe’s works “Insane”the show is really worth a visit.

I would wish more provocation in Second Life!

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