Interactive Games: Mad Pea

We are in a special time of year. The 12 nights between 24 December and 6 January are calledRough Nights” (literally translated) and have in all Europe since ancient times mystical significance. During this time, it was traditionally not worked. My mother still does not washes clothes in these days as should bring bad luck for the new year. The function of New Year's Eve is to chase away evil spirits, which are going around in these dark nights. And since this is the time after the winter solstice, it is the right time to sum up with last year and plan for the one to come. It is told that fortune tellers and Tarot card readers have special powers have special forces and have high season.
Many of you have probably more time than usual for Second Life. A sim with great games might be exactly the right thing now. Mad Pea offers besides a beautiful winter landscape many interactive games. In the group you will be updated about current events, such as Bingo. I particularly liked the book that tells and builts the scenes on click.
And I stuck in the Kaaos Effect, an interactive journey through time using a HUD. You can stop at any time and come back to the last scene.
Many things I have not discovered yet, but the Rough Nights still last long ....


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