A Very Special Winter Sim: Raven's Mist

I've always felt that art needs an appropriate frame to work properly. Some purists will now say that is not art but interior design. I don’t care!
Artwork by Moeuhane Sandalwood
But have a look for example at the beautiful work “Grassdance” by Moeuhane Sandalwood. First at the home sim Aeonia and then at Ravens Mist. What a huge difference! I really liked Slightly Twisted. Katz Jupiter has once again done a great job and integrates this time art into a wintry Sim. I loved to go around there. One part of the sim is not yet completed, but it is already definitely worth a visit. If you want to make a very special walk in the snow, come here and enjoy!
Artwork by Sharni Azalee
Artwork by Gleman Jun
Atwork by Asmita Duranjaya
Artwork by Kicca Igaly
Katz Jupiter at the infinished part of the sim, she is rl artist too

Katz really brings the art to life!



Anonymous said...

A very enjoyable discussion Quan and please do come back again! Katz Jupiter

Moeuhane Sandalwood said...

thank you for talking about this - once again - stunning work by katz jupiter! by the way, i made the whitegrassdancers especially for katz' all white sim. might be one reason why they fit in well.