A Historical Walk With Silent Movie

Historical Places in SL have their own charm. The Berlin1920 project I have introduced to you before. But there is another place with historic Berlin: The Scheunenviertel. Not so big, but nicely done and worth a nice New Years walk. A highlight is the Münz-Lichtspiele, a silent movie theater. Currently, they show the oldest film version of Alice in Wonderland from 1903. Cecil Hepworth made the longest movie that was ever done so far and it is almost completely preserved. Unbelievable 8 minutes long is the movie ;)
I took a photo of the scene with the Mad Hatter and I wish you a wonderful holiday with a New Year's Hat of the Mad Hattery.
With the Best Wishes for 2012!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forest%20of%20Samhain/19/213/1002

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Happy New Year, Quan!