Are you Part of the 70%? - Shopping in SL

... most likely not, because otherwise you would not read this travelogue.

But let me start with the beginning. A friend sent me this link a few days ago:  http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2011/12/70-of-slers-dont-explore-sl-1.html

My fears were confirmed that most residents have no interest in the beauty and diversity of SL, sit almost always on the same sim and shop in the Market Place. For me a terrible idea, although I love my beautiful home in SL. I would like to comment to some points of the blog, today I am discussing the shopping experience inworld.
A few days ago I was looking for something specific and ended up with Lelutka.  Rezzing took an eternity; although most of the clothes only can be seen in photographs  :(  After a while I could walk and found what I was looking for. When I discover unknown designers I am always looking for freebies to test the quality of the stuff. Because of the good name of Lelutka here I was brave enough to buy something just for the photo. Of course, it came in a box and I could not rez  :(  So, back home! At home I could not rez either  :(  Not enough free prims. So, off to a sandbox  :(  There I could not believe my eyes. The box had 50 Prims!  :(  I was finally able to open and wear the clothes. The color had absolutely nothing to do with the photo. So, off to the trash!  :(   My mood was down. Once again I had wasted my time and 350 Linden for the trash bin  :( All this happened many times with clothes of other designers.

Dear shop owners, if you want to make more sales and traffic inworld, here are my recommendations:

1. You show me in your stores often the same photos as in the Market Place. I want to see the stuff inworld. That's why I'm coming! And if it is not possible, have at least some examples in the store.

2. For EVERY piece of clothing please offer a demo to try. Many of you are better photographers than builders, but some also are worse. Even if the quality is good, sometimes the Items cannot be properly adjusted to fit to the avatar.

3. Deliver clothes in folders. I want to put them on immediately.

4. If the items must come in a box, then please allow to rez. Is it customer-friendly to send me back home? If I liked it, I might have bought a different color or something else. But you sent me away!

5. I wish changing rooms to fit the clothes.

6. For other objects, I wish the number of prims in the description. They are an essential part of my decision to buy or not.

6. Please use your creativity for the products and not the packaging. Boxes with more than 15 prims often have sent me to a sandbox. That did not made me happier with the new items. You might stand all day on your building platform of a full sim and do not understand that. But I have a strong decoration gene and a beautiful home on a low prim sim. Therefore free prims are luxury for me as for most residents.

7. And last, but not least: Why don't you care about the number and quality of scripts and ARC? How should I know about it as average resident? You are the builder and you risk that I will be expelled from other sims because of your clothes, hair, shoes or whatever.


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Apmel said...

My primatar is a man, but my avis are both male and female and shop in SL and they all applaud your seven points!