Wander Off The Point With Simotron

The last work of Simotron Aquila I wrote about was about moving. Now she is gone one step further and shows in "Wandering off the point" the mobility in a modern city. From the landing point you can see how even the lamps are moving. In the central building there is a TP to the upper town
Everything here seems to be in motion and constant change. And so much lights here. They are also a symbol for the continuous control system in the society. The businessmen as sharks made me smile!  
And it would not be Simotron if there were not some funny interactive details too: I liked especially the self walking pathways and the way to the subway. Just follow the blue arrows.
Simotron advises to set the viewer at midnight and to enable shadows. If the graphics card allows, you should do so. You can see on my photos that this is worth it.  

The great installation will only be open until March 15. Do not miss it!


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