The Living Storybook

As child, did you also love it so much when someone was reading out for you? Grown up, we unfortunately rarely get it. That's why I was so happy when I found the Storybook. It is a large open book. You get a HUD by click on the sign in front. Once worn to you can choose between two stories. I choose first for “KALEVALA - THE WORLD'S CREATION AND THE BIRTH OF WAINAMOINEN, click on start and ...
 Oooooh ... how enchanting. A scene is built up in 3d above the page of the book. I see a house in the snow and a man, clothed thick and warm, approaching it. And now starts a sympathetic voice to tell the first chapter
Listen closely; the narrator is the boss of MadPea, the Finnish Kiana Writer. Very fitting to the beautiful Finnish legend which tells how the world was created. Kalevala has 7 chapters.  Madcow Cosmos constructed scenes that arise as soon as you open a new chapter. I felt in love with the nice sceneries.
The second story, "URASHIMA TARO" is a also myth which takes us to Japan. Narrator this time is Cliquot Oh. The 9 chapters are beautifully designed. They tell of a good person who wins by saving a turtle but loses everything and in the end. Pretty and sad!
If you prefer to read rather than listen, you also get the chapter written in the HUD. But I personally use the cam not to miss any single detail while listening the narrator.

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