Sneak Preview: Claudia and the Productivity of Emotions

The whole afternoon I've spent today together with Claudia222 Jewell on the sim Art Screamer in her new work "Spirit". First I had to click on the plant in front of the board at the landing point and wear the avatar. Oh my God, I'm a magical fairy. I think that's the most beautiful mesh avatar I have ever seen
And now I belong to this strange world. It's a little dark, but with warm colors (WL Coastal Sunset). So many forms and structures, I feel overwhelmed. Strange creatures hover around. Completely unknown plants grow there.
In the sky are floating islands that look like jellyfish. Flying into them exposes many nice details.
A scene draws me into the spell: Over the head of a man hovers an equal, but transparent. Somehow, everything on the sim is focused on this.
Claudia tells me that not long ago her father passed away after short, but serious illness. That was the catalyst for this work. And she did it the hard way. The more I look around, the more I am touched to see how deep Claudia has dealt with interpersonal relationships and the loss of loved ones. Something that is an inevitably part of our lifes, but yet so difficult to accept. Even here in SL we lose friends to rl. They always leave a hurting gap.
Talking with Claudia
With the Avatar, I feel sensitive and vulnerable. I am very touched and so grateful that Claudia shares all this with us.

 Art Screamer opens tomorrow, Saturday 11. at 12PM SLT


Betty Tureaud said...

you look wonderfull...!

Quan Lavender said...

You will soon too and we start the elves gang :))

Anonymous said...

Such a strange atmosphere... but it attracts me, somehow.

Anonymous said...

I did not know about the reasons which led Claudia to build her installation. Thanks to this post, I could have a new look at it.

Cat Shilova