I Choose - Is this the End?

 Dear blog readers,

This will probably be my last blog entry. Not that I wanted to leave SL. Oh no! But a series of unfortunate circumstances led me to the new LEA Full Sim Art Series by Romy Nayar and Ux Hax "You Choose". The reception was friendly. Ux and Romy looked great and I got a similar avatar to wear. Beautiful textures, great scenery here: I was thrilled. Now I should climb a lift and they left me alone. The way was up a kind of scaffolding. I saw creatures that looked like me. The higher I got, the more wobbly and dangerous it was

But then I reached a room with TP which either ended in a dead end or brought me back to this room
I learned to hate the word choose
Fortunately, there are some beds, so I could get some sleep. But I have nothing to eat or drink here and I will probably never find out.
..but I could get some sleep
At least I learned something. I had the choice again and again. Sometimes it did not matter what I chose, the result was the same. But sometimes I was able to influence the outcome. I also met some friends. That was nice. They motivated me to move on and we helped each other on the way. But whatever I do, I cannot get out of the rat race.

Farewell! I loved to be in SL! And starving is not a nice death ;)
P.S. It's really unbelievable what Ux and Romy have built here. The work is large and whith countless scenes and completely different stories. My photos show less than 10% of all. So much fun and adventure you'll rarely find on a single Sim! And yet so beautiful, so surprising, so exciting! The installation is open throughout February. Be prepared for more than only one hour of fun!



Pixie Rain said...

I enjoyed this exhibit.
I learnt that I seem destined to make a whole lot of wrong choices! :)

Rose said...

OMGosh, do I read correct???? You stop the blog, what a pity, I hope I will keep bumping into you in sl xx
Ps: I hope I misunderstood your text

Quan Lavender said...

Noooo Rose, I was just joking in the post. The installation is so incredible huge that I still would starve there if I could not tp out.

Iono Allen said...

Yes, I can confirm: Quan was beginning to starve when I passed by... Fortunatly I saved her toward no ending...
It was my choice :-)

Apmel said...

Stop scaring us like that Quan! :))

Rowanessque said...

I must have a go at this, sounds fantastic.