You make me real - Nybbles

A nybble consists of 4 bits and 2 nybbles make a byte. Pinkpink Sorbet used in the installation “Lots of Nybbles” 4 textures and 4 scripts. The installation consists of different textures of black / white stripes that move minimally. Due to the pixels of the screen this results in fascinating moiré effects. Even if you stand still, everything is in motion. This is even more when one moves. In the center of the work are scattered around large keyboard buttons to sit on. The slight rotation produces constantly new patterns that even change by zooming with the camera.
Pinkpink Sorbet
Pinkpink Sorbet shows with the work that our environment is constantly changing and interacting with us; an exciting and aesthetic installation.
I should also point out the brilliant music. It was taken from the album "You make me real," by Brandt Brauer Frick and gives everything a cool, futuristic touch. Here is the link to the track Caffeine, which you can hear in the installation: 

Taxi to both installations on Split Screen: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beleza/31/241/22

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