Eupalino's 'Concrete Kite' or Loopsided

 Eupalinos Ugajin’s latest work brought me today into a bad conscience.

The new installationConcrete Kite opens today and I went there for a sneak preview. It looks very nice at the first glance. Eupalinos comments in his note card: 
„After hours of meditation I tried some action painting by throwing water () on virtual concrete.  I invite you to discover the results.” Well, the results have not really convinced me. ;)
Capture Table
Even more interesting are the installations. Many nice details, especially the "Capture Table," is great. It shows a solar eclipse. Eupalinos gave me the link to the original image. Cool, a solar eclipse of 1900!
The gallery when I came
As always with Eupalinos are many interactive parts in the installation. But I must have clicked something wrong. At the end it looked like this:

The gallery when I left
It reminded me to a sketch of the famous German comedian Loriot: "Loopsided" 
(don't worry, it is undertitlet):

Opens today at 10 AM SLT. Only open until 13 March!
And if you are there, have a short walk on the nice sim Ionic Spell, the home of the great live band Engrama. To me it is one of the nicest sims in SL.


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