Today is a great Party and contest at Madpea:
Me as Demon Boar


Don’t we all have some fun avatars in our inventory but never the chance to wear them? Now is their time. Set them free and come to the Madpea Party! All visistors can participate the contest board for the best avatar. This cute creature is our demon boar Aperux.  Feed the tipjar and get this avatar as gift! Expose the inner beast in you! But please no huge avatars, the arena shall not explode.

Live Music: Peet Peterman at 1 PM SLT

No singer could fit better to the theme of the day as Peet Petermann. The Dutch singer performs as monkey. He plays folk, country, blues, pop covers and originals in Dutch and English. I started playing in sl in spring 2007. He started making music when he was young. Peet played as a bassplayer in some bands and made some years music on the streets. Most of his life he has been a hometaper. Made and recorded his own songs. At the moment  he plays 3-5 times a week in sl. He also like to make paintings, drawings and photo's.

Dance Tunes: DJ Freckles at 2 PM SLT

DJ Freckles (Everest Piek Tones-Commons) is builder and role player with huge family  in SL. His great passion is DJ. His fans know him also from his frequent sets at SimKast Radio. The repertoire consists of 5 decades. Today he will concentrate on 80ies dance sounds. 

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