Event this Weekend: Save Pirats Art Network

The Pirats Art Network is a network of artists is in SL without any doubt one of the most important artist groups. Its secret is the variety that provides a platform to all types of art in Second Life. I have written several times about shows at Pirats. The patrons, Merlina Rokocoko (Nathalie Gobe rl), Newbab Zsigmond (Jean-Marc Larroque), Erin Loup (Elie Maurice) and Etoile 16 Food (Dominique Vernageau) have helped many artists to settle in SL.
By raising the tier for non-profit sims as well the survival Pirats is now in danger. Inquiries at Linden Lab remained unanswered for months.Therefore a rescue campaign has now been launched. You can help by donating Pirats here. Such event has already saved Bryn Oh's Immersiva.
But it happens much more. Many famous artists have donated works for charity sales from today until Sunday. There are great 2D and 3D works with partly very reasonable prices and it is really worth a visit. Of course, artists are still welcome to contribute works. Please contact inworld Cherry Manga, Anley Piers or Loup Erin.
Musicians are still needed
Here a message from Cherry Manga: "Greetings everyone, the events will start friday 3rd to sunday 5th. If you are an artist and wish to come to place an artwork for sale (Use Pirats group. 100 prims for 3D builds on the sides of the land, 20 prims for 2D artworks i the gallery. Use a split script or tip the jars) If you know any good musician wishing to perform, there's a pannel at the left of the gallery entrance where musicians can pick a date and time for a show using the pannel. Thanks you all for your support, ask for help if needed."
Opening today, Friday 3. at 1 PM SLT

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anhalt%20Hill/140/198/22



Anonymous said...

Why we don't sell Merlina and Newbab on a slave market, plant down our piratsflag on their island and go searching for the treasure they have been hiding for so long and want to keep only for themselves?

Quan Lavender said...

Hahaha, why don't you better contribute an artwork? In this case I would wear my SaveMe Oh Award on the event to scare everyone^^

taxi uster said...

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Rose said...

I have read all the commotion about the Pirates and their struggle to stay on the grid, to be a platform for the most important SL artists.
And I ask myself the question: why should they be saved again?
This is the second time they ask for help. The first time, some 2 years ago I contributed, this also because I did not realize yet in its full scope what SL art is standing for. But I know better now and a lot has happened since then.
Also many new artists have entered SL and gave it a new colour and élan.

I can see that the art community is searching and struggling to create a serious profile of what precisely immersive art is and how it can survive or not survive.

I regret that the lindens are not really embracing the artists and the curators in SL and that they have not developed a better formula, so the art community can stay independent. But like with many things, unfortunely the heart is where money grows.

Linden would argue: we have given the art community the lea sims!
But with the birth of the lea sims we have lost our independence and we need to struggle with the favours of yet again another committee of volunteers.

The art scene is a necessity, an urgent need.
It brings innovation and change. Art is the universal expression of the whole range of human feelings and conscious. It makes us reflect and grow. The art scene also needs dreamers and an outcast, artists who do not step inline, who shout, provoke and irritate. Art is not only about butterflies, it is also about the bugs in the mud.

I reacted yesterday in facebook on a remark Merlina/Nathalie made and I was teleported 2 years back. Same word game, same insults, same old feelings of being rejected for what I stand for. My same irritation, that they feel free and supported by others, that they can downgrade artists who do not agree with them.

I went with my alt to their sim (because Rose is not a welcome guest), and…same gallery, same walls, almost the same kind of paintings, same rotating prims.
Not really any change. But I was happy to notice that they gave up their black costumes and Pirates bands, with their pirate signs around their arms.

And again I ask myself the question: why should they be saved?
Are they the platform they claim to be: in which a RL-artist like me feels recognised, accepted, represented and supported????

Rose said...

I agree that artist should raise their voice and unite, lets SAVE us all and
convince Linden that they come up with an arrangement that we can work, show and promote our work in sl on a more serious platform then what they are offering now!