Art and Fashion with M.C. Escher

Recently I wrote about Shopping in SL and the many things that shop owners do to make life difficult for customers. But today opened an event which presents a great concept, although does not improve the problems with the products. Well known designers have designed new topic related products. Also for men! That is shopping experience at its best! Here are the 3 topics:

Inspired by the famous Dutch graphic artist you find new designed items in a great atmosphere.

The second theme is presented in a suitable tent. On the photo you see my shopping mate, the great photographer Starlash Sweetwater, in an outfit from the Clowning collection and I'm wearing a dress with Escher graphics.

Here, the also the hearts of role player will beat higher. Great Designs! I am in love with this belt-body and wear it as a city Amazon.

A beautiful place to relax and hang around with friends. From here you get TP to the shopping locations.

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If you like Escher too, go and visit the second universe at Harter Fall’s place. It was obviously highly  inspired by Escher. Please use Mouselook.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA16/74/93/23


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