Celebrate Carnival in Nice and Become a Movie Star RL!

Starting from Febr. 17 to March 4. will be held carnival in Nice. Moya Janus (Patrick Moya rl) has planned a super cool action for the rl event:
This is the carnival in Nice on Moya Land. Today, Sunday and Monday will carnival be celebrated in SL. It starts daily at 1.30 PM. Moya will be filming the party and show the best scenes on a large screen in the streets of Nice at the RL carnival. Come in your best costume, have fun, dance and become movie star!

Moya said: "You must come with a spectacular costume, artistic, even very large."  And the many cute little sheep’s send their regards to let you know that even wolves are welcome!
Moya shows me my Press Lounge :D

Saturday, Sunday, Monday at 1.30 PM SLT.

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