Winter at Home

A luxury that we don't have in real life is changing the house with the seasons. Since wood looks so warm and cozy I changed to the latest creation of Charlotte Bartlett, the Neva Captain's House. It is low prim and low price and currently available at the current Collabor88 round. I enlarged it a bit for my needs. Due to the name of the house I imagined the home of a captain and hope that you like it:

"Falling For You" Wine Basket: [CIRCA] - Pigeons: Rebeca Bashly - Winter Iced Over Pond: {what next}
Wooden Bench Quilted, Perch,  Tomte: DragansVargh - Snowy Pine: FYN
A.V. Noir Bench: Atelier Visconti - Solis Fire Pit: The Loft
Candy Cane for the Raven:  EBDesign - Clock No10: *chronokit* - Pavement Heavy Snow: Zacca
On Scatter: Buford Steampunk Outfit: DragansVargh , Aviator Boots: Gos - On me: Jenny French: Indyra

Neva Captain's House: Scarlet Creative for Scarlet Apple @ Collabor88
A.V. Noir Double Street Lantern: Atelier Visconti - SnowMan Single Red: *-D&D-*
Sleigh with snowy wood logs: DragansVargh - Fancy Telescope: [DDD]
Winter Snowy Hawthorn, Giant Nordic Pine Snowy: Heart - Romantic Winter Pavillion: MiChiGaNs ShAcK

Wall Mounted Deer Head: ::BB:: - artwork "fade to grey": by Rodriguez Munro - Casanova Book Stack: PATRON
Cat: Raya Jonson - Mayfair Trunk: {what next) - Old Treasure Chest: =Mirage=
Bird Cage with parrot: Aley,  Grizzly Rug Brown: :FANATIK HOME:

shanghai vintga gramophone: *bbqq*- President's Chair, Buffet Table,Thrift Book: encore
Mesh Curtains: =Mirage= -  Monkey: Raya Jonson - Solaris Lamp: MESHWORX - Fancy Telescope: [DDD]

Marrakesh bookcase with book stack: Melino Style - Accent Table - KR: Home
Oceania Couch: Trompe Loeil - Steampunk Map Table, Curtains: =Mirage=

Vintage "Industrial" coffee table set for  two: Aphrodite @ Collabaor88
Cabinet Hutch with Sink: Trompe Loeil - Wooden Chandelier: The Loft - Factory Cabinet: MESHWORX
Art Deco Music Box: Melu Deco - Simple Globe: Kiku's Works - Lantern "SAKURA": * nonino *
Deer Rug: ::BB:: Deer Rug, Cow skin no longer available - zinnia pot: Quark Fallen

Rustic Bed: BD - Book Table: MESHWORX - Mother of Pearl Inlaid Chest: Apple Fall @ Collabor88
medieval wall candles: [noctis] - Vintage Map Prints: Agora - Curtains: Jordan Giant

Washstand and toiletry: Part of "Industrial  Elegance" Massage Table Set @ Collabor88
bennie small chest: Second Spaces -  Kabetogama Floor Lamp: Post - Wooden plate Map: Danyel Blumenthal
Artwork "Cranes at the Waterfall" by Masako: Soraya Till

Taxi to Collabor88: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/88/188/889

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Apmel said...

Beautiful house!