Invisible People

That was a busy weekend, I am still sorting out what I have to blog the next days. My highlight was the opening at Lost Town - La Citta Perduta: 'Invisible People' by Rebeca Bashly. I went there several times and always I was distracted by chats with friends that I met there. So maybe my late post is not really news for many. But all others, go and see!

What is it about? Lost Town is very special as gallery location, because Sivi Kilberry and and AKILAE Gant don't squeeze art into 4 walls, they leave the town as playground for the artists. We saw already some interesting installations like Moya, who initiated a revolution or Yooma Mayo, who spanned a circus on top of the roofs.

Rebeca Bashly reflects on the anonymous people who pass by in a town. Do we see and take note of them? Sometimes I don't even remember how the sales staff or the waitress looked, who just helped me and can't find them when I have a question. Rebeca displays the invisible people by mirroring the background on them. That is not only smart, it is fun and challenge for the visitors too.

In Rebeca's words:
This is a story, presented thru camouflage body art,
about all those people that you pass by
on the streets every day and never notice them...

Lets play?

If you Find all invisible people and send me pictures
(sl, flickr or email invisible.people@live.com)
I will give you a sculpture.

There is 21 sculpture to be discovered in city
 part of La Citta Perdutta and only one correct
angle of viewing.

Believe me, it is not easy to find the right angle, especially when you are always wrapped up in chats with friends you meet there. But it is fun. I won't give up :)

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Land%20of%20Glory/36/137/31

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