The Force of Imagination

Checking old Landmarks I stumbled into Imagination and was amazed. It is a beautiful place to explore and relax.

While I was taking photos I chatted with the owner and creator ARNICAR India. She told me that it took her only 2 days to make the sim design and she is making already plans for a new layout.

She told me that the current design took her only 2 days. That made me tremendously jealous. I admire talented decorators in Second Life as well as real life.  For me it is a long and painful process and I never have the feeling that I am done and it is good. In real life I have the excuse of my two left hands that my mind is seeing it perfect while I actually fight for perfection. But which excuse do I have in SL?

People like ARNICAIR who have the gift to design places and who are so generous to share them with the public make Second Life really rich.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Guana%20Cay/196/166/22

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