Sneak Preview: The Machine

We have solved all our problems. Thanks to our ingenuity.
We have cured all illnesses. Thanks to our technical savvy.
We have cheated death. Thanks to our code.
We invented the machine.
The only thing left to do:
Keep the machine running that keeps us running.

The monthly installation at LEA6 by  Lilia Artis and Moeuhaine Sandalwood covers an interesting topic. How can mankind become more perfect? What if we all connect our brains to one supermind? That idea is the starting point of the visitors journey through the work:  The creatures have created a perfectly functioning world. They live in the ever present. As a sound community. With joined minds and spirits. Interconnected. Completely. They run the machine – and are run by the machine. They are the machine. The peak of innovation. The end of evolution. Their creation. They are a society without memory. Their history a mere shadow. Because there is no need to remember. Why remember what is of no value. They are perfect.

But exploring the lower levels which has been their home before, one reveals the history which is far from ideal and perfect. My association with companies like Google, Facebook...spying us and cooperating with NSA gave me a goose skin. How far are we from total connection? Who will benefit from it?

Creates a connected world better mankind? I saw today a TV feature about cyber-mobbing and -stalking and how many people are seriously affected by it. and it is known that people are less willing to help victims when they see or assume others around who could help too. The anonymity in groups or online seem to bring out more the worse sides of many. The better world was always a wish so far and maybe at all times the people where thinking that they are more far from it as ever.

The installation is huge and thought provoking. I liked to explore. I would have wished a bit more interactive parts. The work is more like a huge 3D painting. A maze, well done and worth to be seen. If that is our future, is there any?

Opening Sunday, November 10 at 1 PM SLT

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/205/61/278

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Moeuhane Sandalwood said...

Thank you very much, quan! nice pictures, too! :)