Reblogged: Short and Not Sweet at All...

So far I held back comments about the recent changes of Second Life TOS. First of all I did not feel really competent with my limited knowledge of European trade law to contribute something essential, but especially because I was repelled by the large amount of totally incompetent hate talks, imputations and conspiracy theories against Linden Lab. Everyone who has a bit of common sense should understand that a platform for contents needs a certain amount of rights and secondly that the TOS of a company cannot overrule rights which are of worldwide legal force.  Inara Pey published at September 11th a statement by Linden Lab, but that did not help to change to a constructive and less emotional discussion. I had several talks with Mona Eberhardt in the last weeks. She and Inara Pey did a great job in their blogs to contribute factual and equitable contents to the topic. I am afraid that far too few residents really has reading and appreciate them.

 And therefore Mona's last politically totally incorrect post made me laugh loud: http://monaeberhardt.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/short-and-not-sweet-at-all-the-state-of-the-ll-tos-debate/

After almost 4 years in Second Life I should know that a large part especially of the creators scene, but maybe everywhere, is not interested in relevant and purposeful talks and actions. Drama is just more fun and entertaining. Don't get me wrong, the recent TOS changes has to be modified, it contains mistakes. But do residents really think that LL can take a bunch of unfocused drama whores serious? If there is anything we should learn from this, is that the community has to organize their own structures to form a kind of representation as counterpart of communication with Linden Lab to accomplish our interests.

To be taken taken serious we have to act like grown ups!

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