A Horror Game

Although SL is not a game, we can play here too.Today I played "The Well", a horror game created by Loki Eliot featuring Draxtor Despres' son Kaleo.

Starting Point of the game, the Slender Avatar is one of the final prizes

After paying 100 Linden for a HUD you jump into a well to save the soul of a boy by passing some horrible situations. If you are able to have Advanced lighting and shadows enabled, the game has some nice optical features.

"The Well" will not take too much f your time, even I was done after 2 hours or so. And the prizes for finalizing are really cool. A ghost shoulder pet, the same ghost as avatar and the large slender avatar.

Another final prize: The shoulder pet

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Escapades/224/236/3002

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