Jewelry never can be too large...

... this is my version of Wallis Simpson's famous quote: "You never can be too rich or too thin." Therefore I decided to blog the upcoming Jewelry & Accessory Expo. This event has more than 100 exhibitors and the 'Artifact' set (exclusive release for the event) by Eclectica caught my eyes:

In combination with the 'Loving Devotion' dress by Paisley Daisy it reminds of Klimt. The 'Samira Boots' by Luas Urban Style are exclusive items for Jewelry & Accessory Expo too.

The Jewelry & Accessory Expo opens right on time before Christmas December 6th -21st. *wink*

More information: http://sirenproductionsl.com/jewelry-accessory-expo-update/

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jelly andrews said...

This is really cool. It seems that she is one with the background. Thanks a lot for sharing this one.