RL Contest Participation Filmed in Second Life

All things in life are embedded in a complex structure of causes, interactions and results. There has been many approaches to visualize them mostly in 2D. CO3DM is a new user interface for 3D solutions. The name CO3DM derives from CulturalOrganic3D Mesh, which means that the 3D environment is not a fixed structure, but is built up from data entities (media, text, blogs, chats…) relations that are added to and within these entities.

Marx Catteneo (Marc Cuppens in RL)  is photographer, video- and machinma maker. He joined the team and produced this presentation mainly in Second Life.

The Creative Business Cup is the world championship for creative entrepreneurs. Each participating country runs a business concept contest for entrepreneurs within the creative industries and sends the winning entrepreneur/team to the international final in November in Copenhagen, Denmark. The CO3DM project is with the presentation movie national winner of the Netherlands.

Read more here:
CO3DM: http://www.co3dm.com/
Marc Cuppens: http://www.marccuppens.nl/
Creative Business Cup: http://www.creativebusinesscup.com/nationalwinners

Good luck for the project!

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