Why Second Life is Just Another Form of Real Life

If this blog has a mission it is to sensitize for the fact that human perception experiences everything that befalls us in a virtual world in the same way as so called "real " incidents. The experience might be "not real", the perception and the resulting emotions are real. A friend once came to the wise conclusion that our souls fly free, unprotected by our body through a virtual world. That makes us faster and more direct in our interactions but also literally more thin-skinned. Fran Swenson, the hero in this Drax Files says: "My avatar represents how I truly feel inside." The 86 years old lady suffers Parkinson's Disease. The identification with her avatar helps her to get better condition through mirror neurons as proved by her doctor.

One of my best friends disappeared a year ago suddenly from SL for a few months. Coming back she was hardly able to write as she had a bad stroke. Simple things like finding items in the inventory or to dress became a challenge and she often needs help. Since then I accompany her watching how she slowly improves in both worlds hand in hand.

Thank you Draxtor Despres for sharing this. I would wish that this episode would make everybody being aware of our significance for ourselves and others in Second Life and to use it in a productive and positive way as to be seen here.

Read more about Fran Swenson in Inara Pey's blog: http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/the-drax-files-13-people-can-learn-and-grow-and-heal-together/


Hanica Huet James. said...

I am a paraplegic in my real life, Second Life affords me to let my spirit run free, When I experience muscle spasms I come into SL to dance or stand .. I focus on my avatar with my mind .. After a short time my spasms are decreased .. My mind does not care of the location, only the experience ..
I found your blog extremely intresting . Hanica Huet.

Quan Lavender said...

The influence of the virtual identity on our self perception in real life has been widely overseen so far although most residents have their own experiences on that. Thank you for sharing this and the compliment! :)