Visual Poetry

If I am asked about my favorite artists in SL, I get problems. There are so many who I appreciate because of very different qualities. And very high up in the list are both, those who reach the heart by mind as well as those who are reaching the mind by moving the heart. Pol Jarvinen is part of the second group. I do not know anybody who uses in conjunction with performing arts so often the word poetry as him.

And yes, his installations are pure poetry.

In an endless flow the colors and textures are changing. I could watch for hours and notice every time that it relaxes me and opens the heart as well as the mind. Additionally to the structures Pol uses sparingly interactive objects and quotes.

The music is an important part of Pol's installations. So far, I heard beautiful ambient sounds with them. This time he opted for baroque music and that fits really well too.

I am again and aigain amazed at how the structures change indefinitely, although Pol uses always few prims. The whole work does not even have 2000 prims.

The 5 levels of the installation are connected by TP. The date of the official opening is not set, but it is already worth to go and just to enjoy and relax.


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