Strange World

Last Monday opened an installation at Pirats by Cherry Manga: "La Collection". After I set my WL on Papersnow as requested I entered a beautiful, disturbing world which was intruiging, but left me a bit clueless. What does the sentence "Even the rose can get the blues" say to the visitor?

Here a comment in the artist info: "La Collection is an introspective work, illustrating the duality of mind.You'll experience a walk throught primal fear and strenght."

Get your 2 free avatars behind the entrance. The beautiful avatars are part of the installation too.

NicoleX Moonwall created a machinima in the installation.

The highlight for me was that evening our dear friend Apmel in one of the avatars. He looked like an impoverished, aging transvestite. Read his hilarious blog post here.

Apmel and Cherry Manga art work

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA28/203/201/23

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