Ultra in Betty Colors - Sneak Preview

At Split Screen will open 2 new installations at June 2. with works of the artists Trill Zapatero and Betty Tureaud.Here is Sneak Preview Betty's work 'Liquid Crystals':

The music in Betty's work was especially composed for that purpose by Ultraviolet Alter, a French composer and artist.

Betty Tureaud about her installation:

"I've always been fascinated by crystals and the way they appear and how we now use them technologically -- beautiful colors occur in polarized light and in the microscope we see fantastic shapes. They can receive radio signals and form images on a computer screen.

My first show in SL in 2007 showed crystals of human internal fluids. I made this installation just following my fantasy color world."

Liquid crystals have a chemical structure which exhibits a substance-phase with the characteristics of the conventional liquid form (liquid) and the solid form (in this case the crystal). For example, the liquid crystal surface as a liquid, but have many molecules arranged and oriented in the crystal-like state. There are many different types of liquid crystal phases which are distinguishable by their optical properties.

Liquid crystals can be classified into thermotropic and lyotropic. Thermotropic liquid crystal display phase transitions as a function of temperature, whereas the lyotropic liquid crystals exhibit phase transitions as a function of the concentration of the mesogenic.

Liquid crystals are widely used in LCD-based watches, cell phones, PDAs, TVs and monitors. The advantage of the liquid crystal optical properties of certain liquid substances crystallize in the presence or absence of an alternating electric field. In a typical LCD there is a liquid crystal layer (typically 10 micron thick) between two polarization filters which are angled (oriented 90° relative to each other).

It should be noted that many standard liquids in fact are liquid crystals. Soap is, in fact, liquid crystal, and liquid crystal displays several variant forms depending on their concentration in water."

Opening on June.2!

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