It's Time to Turn to Something Productive

Sadly Solo does not allow links to his photo. This one is taken from SaveMe Oh's blog.

Today I was made aware of a discussion on Flickr, started by Solo Mornington , which should find more attention and participation. It is about the protest of some artists, caused by the banishment of SaveMe Oh on almost all LEA sims but in my opinion mixed with other approaches. We all know that there are 3 times more artists who are keen on a LEA sim as places are to give. So whatever will be decided, some will be jealous and feel treated wrongly. The next step is only natural. These persons assume nepotism. But we should not forget that LEA was meant as a good thing for the art world and the committee members are working as volunteers and nobody is as far as I know part of LL. It helps nobody when the whole project will be skipped. Protest is a good thing to make people aware but only if something productive follows. That means also not to mix the themes, which happens at the moment. An escalation does not help anyone. I think the large majority will agree on that. 
So the covered topics seem to be (and nothing is meant personal, just to clear the dust):

1. The generally more than undemocratic structure of Second Life
2. The question how the committee members has been appointed and what qualifies them.
3. The question if their function allows committee members to judge who is artist and who not.
4. The question how artists are chosen
4. The question if a general ban in precaution of an artist should be tolerated

"Who is...Art?"
Taken by WuWai Chun

I would like to add some thoughts (provoking as usual):

  1. The committee members are not responsible for the structure of SL, they cannot be blamed  for that and we have to assume that they have good intentions regarding the art community
  2. The public wishes more transparency in the work and decision process of the committee. It should not do the same mistakes as Linden Lab.
  3. Everyone who thinks attacks against an avatar are not personal has no clue about latest behavioral research. Our brain is not able to distinguish between real and virtual worlds. That means an avatar is as well us as we are in the “real world”. Actually the real world we are seeing is a just virtual picture created by our brain. Read my blog post on that here.
  4. Everyone who has an official function should learn to distinguish between critics against function and person and to try not to take it personal.
  5. Every artist who is thinking that he is worth more than others to own a LEA sim overestimates his own importance.
  6. Everyone who denies others to be an artist, no matter if he thinks the other person is just a bored housewife, an idiot, a griefer or a troll thinks fascistic. Let’s discuss art, not the fact IF someone is artist.
I skip my opinion on a general banishment here because everyone who has read my blog post about the incident on the Pirats opening at LEA should already know.

Here is my compromise proposal: The protest builders remove their stuff and form themed groups with others who are interestd in this topic. It would be great if these groups could create works or themed events. The LEA committee lifts the general ban and replaces by caused bans on events which will be most likely be provoked.

It is time to turn all the energy into something productive. 



Anonymous said...

Quan for president...ah, no, she is German!

Apmel said...

But she dresses well.

Anonymous said...

Quan.... I was away for a few days, but finding your lines just as I fall of the train makes me shout : this is simply BRILLIANT (again)! Bravo!

Ms Shilova

Anonymous said...

You put things in perspective Quan, great post!

The minion

Solo Mornington said...

Quan: "6) Everyone who denies others to be an artist, no matter if he thinks the other person is just a bored housewife, an idiot, a griefer or a troll thinks fascistic. Let’s discuss art, not the fact IF someone is artist."

Some people *are* trolls and griefers. That doesn't mean they aren't artists. There's nothing fascist about calling a troll a troll. Trolling is abusive behavior. I'm not the only victim of trolling by SaveMe; browse through her 'blog to see the names.

LEA Art Sandbox has rules for a reason. They're reasonable rules. When people break the rules, there are escalating levels of dealing with those people. Since SaveMe's schtick is to be a troll, she trolls people like me who end up banning her. Then she complains loudly that she's being censored, when in fact, in the case of LEA Art Sandbox, she's banned purely on behavior, not content.

So she trolls me with the behavior that I have to deal with, which gives her material with which to troll YOU with her trumped-up shrieks of censorship. If you're willing to characterize me as a fascist because there are rules at LEA Art Sandbox which we enforce, then you're her chew-toy as well. You might enjoy saying I'm a fascist as a joke, a gag, a laugh at the expense of the out-of-control administrator. But in fact, SaveMe had a place to rez stuff at LEA for a year, until she broke the rules.

So please kindly rethink your characterization, and imagine that SaveMe's cries of censorship are really there to manipulate *you* just as her abusive behavior is there to manipulate people like *me.*

Quan Lavender said...

Solo: Although English is a foreign language to me and I might make mistakes; I place my words always very thoughtful. I was not talking about the ban at the LEA sandbox. No, I expressed that you have been personally attacked which you must not have to tolerate. I was talking about a general ban which I still find not ok.

Same with the facism. I just said, people who are denying others to be an artist.... Plus I said to you when me met last time at the LEA sandbox that one can be asshole AND artist!

And please do not present yourself as victim. You handled the situation so far very cool. Come back to that and let's talk about facts.

Quan Lavender said...

Read this blogpost too: http://dividni.blogspot.de/2012/05/to-lea-or-not-to-lea.html