The Land of Poets and Thinkers

For all those who have never heard, Germany is also called the land of poets and thinkers. Honestly, I do wonder in RL if we are still worth this attribute. When I came into SL, I was of course looking around in the German community and was more than shocked. RP sims and clubs are mostly in an underground level. And I'm still convinced that apart from the Mainland, the ugliest sims in Second Life are in German hands. Actually the best German RP sim is in Dutch hands: The Berlin1920 Project. You hardly will find a German there. I quickly turned horrified to the international scene and sic, there has been quite a few submerged Germans. But somehow it makes sense; we Germans are just too serious. No one else distinguish betweenentertaining” and “serious” music. In a country where The Simpsons still are classified as a children's program can not be expected that people with cultural interests go into Second Life.

But that has changed dramatically especially in the last 12 months. Here are just a few examples:

Kueperpunk Korhonen, SF writer in RL, held’s regularly in his Kafe Krümelkram culture- and literature events. Tomorrow an International event that should not be missed:

5 Continent Reading – 5 Authors from all over the world reading

“The five writers are already excitedly looking forward to our Five Continent Reading that will take place in Thorsten Küper’s and Kirsten Riehl’s steampunk location Kafé Kruemelkram on Saturday, starting with Guy Hasson (Israel) at 23:00 local time (14:00 PDT) who will read from his novel Tickling Butterflies “which is made out of 128 fairy tales that are actually one big story”. Jonathan Elorm Dotse (Ghana) and myself will follow at 0:00 local time (15:00 PDT). Jonathan will read his short story “Virus” which is part of a novel in progress. I will read some sections of my novelette “The Spirits” (which is actually my second fictional work written in English). Gustavo Bondoni (Argentina) and Ahmed A. Khan (Canada) will start at 1:00 local time (16:00 PDT). They will read some of their short stories.“

Tomorrow, Saturday 5., 2 PM SLT. This event is in English.

I continue with „Entschleunigt“.  Joachim Thor offers great live music and readings on a regular basis and more recently an event that is perhaps unique in SL: "Philosophy out of the Blue" with Dings Digital. Dings is RL philosopher. I could not attend the first event, but heard nothing but good. Today at 12 AM SLT, it is held again.

Philosophy out of the blue
Today, Friday 4. at 12AM SLT. This event is in German.

I already have written about the Minimalism Event. The whole gallery is great and also hosts a RL / SL exhibition of Daruma Boa.

Information Center of the German cultural scene is Kulturcafe of Libellchen Schirmer. There too, are regularly held events. The group is a must for all who are interested, as well for several life music locations.

Guys, what Germans are doing, they do with power and precision. We are coming! It’s time to learn German!

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ChapTer Kronfeld said...

Hier muß ich in 'German language' sagen:
Quan, du siehst das richtig, mit deiner Prognose. Die deutsche Kultur Gemeinde ist nicht mehr weg zu diskutieren :-)