Life is too Short to be Underdressed

2nd Place at the Photo Hunt

Yesterday I had good luck. Just when I was done with the styling of this outfits, I got the invitation to the Photo Hunt and this time the theme was a self-portrait. So I could start immediately and had half-finished the blog post for today when I was done. Plus I made the second place!
Generally I do not blog fashion as there are plenty fashion blogs. But with artists I do an exception. I was really looking forward to the fashion of Eliza Wierwight. She is always great styled. And her art as well as her interior design is characterized by exquisite texture.
So my expectations were high and were not disappointed, creative, individual and not casual at all. Super! I do not understand in RL, why people are disfiguring with ugly jeans. Let's be honest. Only very few really look great in them. The rest gets lost in the mass of the unseen. And I do get even more in my head why so many do the same in SL with all its possibilities of appearance.
The creations of Eliza are not obtrusive, but a real eye-catcher. I expect more great creations by her.
 The photos are taken at her wonderful sim Patron.

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Patron/120/238/30

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Eliza said...

Thanks Quan, these are the first images of my Art pret a porter that I've seen taken in an environment outside of a studio and I seriously like them. Kind of weird for me as well, to me these are still 'art' and it's odd seeing other people walking around and interacting wearing my 'art'. Damn does that make sense at all ? Thanks for featuring the SIM as well, she's been a labor of love and I always like seeing her through the lens of other. Also for your generous compliments.
Again my thanks :)