Pushed Around

It would have been one of the attractions of SL9B :( My blog readers know pallina60 Loon already from the Avatar Machine. Her newest work is the “Virtual Marble Machine” with the help of Samira Tammas who provided the script for the score board and skittles.

Rez a marble at the entrance and jump in it. You roll as marble through the great machine. I really enjoyed it. But a strong stomach is needed, otherwise better cam out *haha*

Both machines are placed on the sim LOL, which is still under construction but provides more fun. Come and have fun!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LOL/214/158/22



pallina60 Loon said...

I hope you will be shooting ........ how's your stomach? ahauhauh Thanks for the article :-)

Kikas Babenco said...

It's tempting!:-)