Further along the Path

I stuck to it: „The Path“ was the best sim last year. A huge challenge for Bryn Oh as curator to have the same quality for the 2nd Volume “Further along the Path”, which opens today. First of all Bryn deserves a huge compliment. Everyone tends to measure others by the own values and qualities. Bryn Oh builds beautiful, narrative sceneries with lots of details and a bit playful. Everyone falls in love with it. But that does not prevent her from inviting artists with complete different strengths and artistic concepts. An exactly that makes the quality of “The Path”. And this time the differences are even larger as with the previous installation.

Bryn Oh, artist and curator
 Again you follow a story which was written as a collaborative work with the principle of “Cadavre Exquis” as explained here. At every station you find a board with the chapter of the story. I will not tell here and just point out the elements you should know to have the full experience by walking through. Again the Path starts in a dark room and this time a vintage telephone leads you from chapter to chapter. And here is the first highlight. The telephones are much more modern as they look. They are a communication system between all chapters as long as you stand near by the phone. Try it!

Glyph Graves

 At the first chapter we find an artist who amazes by smart script works. Once the dust settled (I felt like a Jinn) you hear nice sounds coming from a swarm of butterflies. Walk around and hear how the sounds are influenced by your moving. The patterns on the ground change their colour bay the language used in your viewer.  

Follow then the path to the centre of the pond and read the book page by page by clicking on it. See what happens. The plants and the worms gather to form an avatar which walks to the telephone and falls apart again. A bit spooky and fascinating at the same time!

Paramparamm Papp

Param leads us to a castle of light, which gives a strong fairytale feeling.  The WL settings are an important part of the scenery. If your viewer does not allow them automatically, make sure to set them right. Once you step into the centre, you fall into another world. Beautiful and poetic!

Alpha Auer

Here is foreign country with an unknown language. The inhabitants seem to be frozen. Fascinating scenery. I admire Alpha already a long time not only for her art, but for her excellent avatars. Get your beautiful avatar from the board and become citizen of the unknown country. See me here side by side with Alpha, who is wearing one of her latest creations.

Oberon Onmura

This is the second chapter of an artist who is one of the best scripter’s in Second Life and again we see his enormous qualities. Click the telephone in the scenery and watch 3 stairs growing. Which one is the right choice? Before you try you better should take a landmark. Who knows? Maybe you find yourself back home.

Eupalinos Ugajin

Hilarious: Glyph's plants gets Chinese water; in the picture flies Bryn's swallow
I must admit that I am a bit addicted to Eupalinos’ works, although it is not really correct to call him builder. Bryn Oh used the word assembler. That fits very good, because he collects works of other builders and assembles them in a way, that these works are getting a new meaning. These collages are a respectful, but hilarious tribute to the works of others and at the same time surrealistic art at its best. 

Again here is so much that I recommend to click and try all parts. Let me point out the highlights. At the back of the work, you rez by click a “bicycle”. Jump on the box and you are able to walk on the walls and the ceiling. If you miss the telephone, consider having a drink. And the Freebie collection in the bar shelf with the craziest freebies of S list must. Don’t forget to take your copy!

Ux Hax + Romy Nayar

The detailed builds of Romy and Ux are always a joy to see. After walking around click at the chair on the small island and take your copy to wear. It is just the right vehicle to explore the underwater world. So poetic! 

Ub Yifu

Yesterday Ub Yifu told me, that he paints rl. Never I had with this great sculpter such a strong feeling of a constantly changing painting. Once you land follow the big fish the spiral up.  Don’t miss to read the chapter of the story here, because It makes you the whole story understanding. 

The TP leads you in another dark room with hanging telephones and a swallow.

Bryn Oh

The swallow is the TP to the work of Bryn Oh, which is alone because of the 2 WL settings worth seeing. You enter a broken hut which builds up under your feet. But it breaks again when you walk ahead, so you have all bad things at the same time: all is unsafe, you never know if the next step makes you fall and when you make it to move forward, then a wall stops you. Sorry Bryn, that is too much RL! ;) 

And if you have hassles to find the telephone here, just a hint: If you are fallen into the water, you are totally WRONG.

Again here is an outstanding collaboration of artist, which you should not miss on any case! And please Bryn, I really hope that this will be continued. There are so much more brilliant artists in Second Life.

Opening today at 1 PM SLT!
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA2/178/181/23