Still 7 weeks of UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge!

The UWA Challenge with 550.000 Prize Pool started at April 1. for 3 months and it it almost half time passed. A good reason for me to have a brief look on the first entries. Really impressive what I already found there. Here are some examples:
by Ub Yifu
by Pravda Core
 But there is still space. Please move on contributing!

by KJS Yip
by Rebeca Bashly
by Krystali Rabeni
 Only one entry really left me clueless: The work of SaveMe Oh. 

by SaveMe Oh
It is literally nothing as a pile of shit. Luckily I met JayJay Zifanwe and ask him for a comment: "I think SaveMe should be proud of this. It is truly representational of the sum of her artistic work of her lifetime."



Apmel said...

Haha.. that is the funniest thing I´ve heard Jayjay say yet.. almost SaveMe standard!

Geo Meek said...

I am guessing someone likes a steaming pile of shit...to each there own way to go SaveMe Oh.

Ima said...

Actually Jayjay, that's quite an old piece of shit. It dates back at least 2 years! It's quite amazing thought that it continues to attract flys :-) Regards, Ima Zhora

savemeoh said...

And you better not miss what is really the secret, in the artIkea of UWA this pile of shit is an exelent sitting device for all artwhores, galleryowners and wannabe artists who are full of shit.

savemeoh said...

Quan put up 6 pics in this blogpost, one is commented on. What does that tell us about the state of art (or the state of shit, as some might say)?

Quan Lavender said...

SaveMe, go to the bath and wash your mouth. A good girl does not say so often bad words!

savemeoh said...

This artwork became so famous that the corrupt managment of UWA let it disappear in secret from all official lists. They do their best to wipe out the name SaveMe Oh and her work from the catalogue and awardshow, where Sit Shit would be a guaranteed winner!