Tell Your Own Story

Heidi Dahlsveen is a storyteller from Norway and Second Life resident with her avatar Mimesis Monday. On her sim,The Companion’ she has brought a great project to life. Together with Capcat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur she built 2 scenes with matching avatars and animations that the visitors should fill with life and stories.
 The first scene is a stubble field with sheaves of grain. Inside we find a farmer and a troll.
The second scene is a winter landscape that I felt in love with. In it are several buildings and you'll find four avatars, a mother with two daughters, one of them apparently died and became a ghost, which is the fourth avi.
Everything is so beautiful, so magical that one really wants to play with the avatars in the landscape. As always with Capcat and Meilo the avatars are full perm and may be changed. Mimesis would like to see their visitors to share the photos and machinima in the net. More informations you will find in the note card and the blog.


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Wonderful and thank you so much!