Another Great New Artist at Pirats

In La Rochelle Gallery of Pirate's opened yesterday an interesting exhibition. In addition to great works of Moya Janus, Mik Frequenzy and fredX excited me especially the works of Cayenne Avon. It is really good that in addition to established artists, newcomers get a chance at Pirats.
Moya Janus
I've written several times that I am personally not a big fan of scanned RL works in SL. The works loose the radiance of material and surface. I think Second Life needs different colors and intensities, so that the RL works often seem pale and dull. And mostly when 2D works are finding my interest, I realize that they have been made especially for SL.
Mik Frequenzy
Cayenne shows how one could do better with RL paintings. She told me that she had spent many hours in Photoshop which gave the paintings brilliance and deepness. She has also designed the entire space with the help of Nino Vichan. And the results speak for themselves. I was very impressed
Cayenne Avon
I met a friend at the gallery when I was taking the photos and he criticized that the works are nice, but “empty” as he expressed it. But does art always need a message? 
Hopefully we will see more works of Cayenne Avon in SL.


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