A Milestone in SL Entertaining

The lighthouse is one of the amazing hunt gifts
Today started a hunt, which will all Second Life talk about. MadPea is for long been known for exceptionally good games. But Kiana Writer, owner and creative head of MadPea has excelled herself here with the help of a team of some of the best builders in SL. The project has been created by Kiana Writer, Madcow Cosmos, Smiley Dyrssen, Harter Fall, Midgard Ibanez, Clicquot Oh, paramparamm Papp, Lorin Tone and Eolene Uralia.

What is it about?
Alexander Blackwell (Alex): “I’m waking up with metallic taste of blood tainting my mouth. I look at my clothes and see blood everywhere, but I don’t feel any pain or see any wounds. It probably isn’t my blood. I try to think but realize that I have no memory of the last 24 hours. The last thing I remember is coming to Sanity Falls with my wife. I feel dizzy, someone must have drugged me.
Groggy and confused, I stagger onto my feet and call out for Livea. When silence answers me back, I become aware of my surroundings. I am on the edge of a bridge overlooking the Sanity River. In the puddle of blood beside me lays a phone. It starts ringing..”
It is a grid-wide Hunt under the participation of 50 shops in SL. A few also have participated in the decoration of the game and some of these objects are as well hunt gifts.
It is an immersive work where the hunter not only looks for hints, no, he gets the avatar of the hero Alexander Blackwell and will be ​​on search for his missing wife, which could be the victim of a bloody crime.
Posters lead via the HUD to the 50 participating shops and there Alex has look for envelopes with money in order to raise money for the release of his beloved wife and to obtain a gift.

The player is not only the hero of the avatar, but  through sounds and visual effects he becomes more and more a part of the story. A highlight are the dream sequences, where the player is teleported to in the progress of the story.  Here are some photos:

For a full experience, you have to wear the HUD. More informations on the Sanity Falls Page and the MadPea blog.


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