Sneak Preview: Alzarin Goldflake @ Split Screen

 Acquarella: After the Apocalypse
The second installation on split screen welcomes visitors with dark colors. Obviously, this is the Apocalypse. You walk on hot coals through a burning landscape. The sounds of the work create a scaring mood.
So it's a real relief when you reach the passage to Acquarella. The magical underwater world, I experienced more than with precious visits as an oasis of beauty and tranquility.
Acquarella has a history in SL since 2009.Here is a machinima of the 2010 work:

And the current installation was already at Inworldz, which Alzarin describes as builder-friendly. But unfortunately installations will take place there almost with the exclusion of the public because there are still very few residents. And I am definitely not one of those, as Inworldz after several attempts still is not able not send me login informations. I've given up.
So it is really great that Dividni Shostakovich that has brought this work  to SL. I found it interesting how Alzarin describes in her note card that the replica in SL has developed his own life  and now looks different. I do not build, but I know this of talks.

"Acquarella: After the Apocalypse" is a very emotionally touching work. Not to be missed!

Both installations at Split Screen are officially open tomorrow, April 1st.


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Anonymous said...

And don't forget this also emotionally touching work filmed in another installation of Alizarin Goldflake.